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DiGiNN is a one-stop-shop for all companies and public sector organisations, providing them an end-to-end experience in their digitisation journey; from coaching and mentoring by reputable experts, access to the most advanced infrastructure and facilities, support to find investments, to networking and access to innovation ecosystems. To achieve this, we gather the local champions in digital technologies, including all relevant Centres of Excellence, and partner them with both National industrial representation bodies and sectoral associations, establishing the direct interface between state-of-the-art offer and broad demand. Blending in are the most active incubators, whose mission is to nurture innovative start-ups in the early stages of commercialisation and support them in terms of upskilling, networking and accessing funds for further development.

 DiGiNN brings together under one roof in a structured service framework, Cyprus’ leading expertise in Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity and other advanced digital technologies by engaging the country’s Centres of Excellence and organizations addressing the twin European Transformation having excellence at their core. DiGiNN is the only joint service provision platform of:

  • the national HPC facility and Coordinating Organization of the regional Teaming Centre of Excellence (CoE) for climate
  • both national ICT Teaming CoEs
  • the two big public Universities and the major Research Centre in biology and medicine
  • both country-wide business and industrial representation bodies, including all the national sectoral associations,
  • the most active inclusive innovation start-up ecosystem representatives and
  • the largest  amongst the “big four” business and technology consulting firms driven by their Corporate Social Responsibility “New World, New Skills” commitment
  • complemented by six external partners bringing unique characteristics, value and specialisation to the DiGiNN community including the local business angels network
DiGiNN supports the whole digital transformation chain from awareness, ideation, proof of principle, and solution road-mapping, to prototyping, business start-up, pilot production, go-to-market and scale-up.

High-level objectives

  • Increase the SMEs’ digital maturity
  • Innovations with high market creation potential
  • Mobilisation of investment for digital transformation projects
  • More market-ready innovations
  • Increase in the uptake of advanced digital technologies by SMEs
  • The public administration – a catalyst for elevating productivity and competitiveness

Upcoming Events & Trainings

We specialize in providing training services designed to upskill and reskill employees across various industries to meet the demands of digital transformation. Our approach to training delivery is tailored to the digital maturity needs of each organization.

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations stay up-to-date with the latest technology advancements and remain competitive in the digital landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your training goals.


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