In a world which is constantly changing and people, infrastructure and businesses are becoming more interconnected, the impact of cyber attacks, especially in businesses and governmental organisations is largely amplified. Thus, the need to address cybersecurity and privacy issues has increased dramatically.

In DiGiNN, we understand the importance of a secured digital environment and for this reason, we offer a list of cybersecurity services to help you build confidence as well as to understand and be ready to react to threats and vulnerabilities.


Our cybersecurity service portfolio include among others:

  • Development of cryptography solutions.
  • Consultancy services such as policy guidance on cybersecurity.
  • Digital maturity assessments.
  • Designing business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Access to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.


Additionally, experimental facilities are available through a world-class threat intelligence platform and functionalities for incident detection, response assessment, penetration testing and testing of real-world scenarios to identify vulnerabilities and test mitigation strategies.

Example (public sector):

A customer in the public sector approached us to test the efficiency of its incident response processes and procedures. We reviewed the customer’s policies and procedures, and using our technologically advanced facilities, we ran an unknown, to the customer, scenario and assessed its incident response capabilities. At the end of the exercise, suggested improvements were provided to the customer.

Example (private sector):

A financial institution requested a Business Continuity Plan, in order to comply with applicable regulations. We obtained information on how the organisation carried out its business, and understood what would best work for the organisation and its employees and created an effective and efficient Business Continuity Plan, along with a procedure on Disaster Recovery, enabling the Customer’s business to continue during unexpected situations.