What is High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-performance computing (HPC) is one of the key issues in the transition to a Digital Europe. Industry-leading compute power gives today’s industries an invaluable advantage and helps them turn visions into realities. DiGiNN’s High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions enable users to visualize, analyze, and optimize even the most challenging workloads to deliver their next breakthrough.

How HPC can help

Our HPC services support SMEs and public organizations to improve their activities, production, RDI processes with the use of advanced HPC technologies. Our clients entrust our HPC facilities and expertise to optimize all aspects of modern infrastructure: from advanced scheduling for CPUs and GPUs to software optimization, I/O and storage requirements, and more. DiGiNN offers you the “HPC as a Service” with free-of-charge technical consultancy, mentoring, training, test before invest services and testing facilities.

Our team of experts support tailor-made solutions that deliver unmatched performance, productivity, and reliability. Whether you’re a high-tech company, an SME or a brand-new startup, DiGiNN’s HPC services will help your team to learn how to accelerate time-to-market, avoid frustrating downtime, increase ROI, and improve profit margins to achieve breakthrough results. Our expertise in HPC technologies allows us to have a unique Europe-wide network of partners and collaborators to offer the most suitable solution for each client.

HPC Services

High performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. HPC, or supercomputing, paves the way for new innovations in science, technology, business and manufacturing. Our HPC services portfolio is here to boost value generation for new businesses, get a competitive edge, speed up the time-to-market, gain new customers and collaborate with tech experts:

  • Development of custom HPC applications: solutions to accelerate discovery and innovation by leveraging HPC in various business sectors
  • Remote access to HPC computing and storage resources with expert support (supercomputers, physical and cloud infrastructure) for the development and evaluation of HPC solutions
  • Testing and Experimentation of HPC applications: support for the configuration and deployment of experimentation infrastructure adapted to the your needs
  • HPC Infrastructure Design and Implementation: support in procurement and deployment to build bespoke HPC infrastructure
  • HPC Technologies Demonstrators: use of lab facilities to perform live demonstrations of technologies and opportunities
  • HPC deployment and sharing operation best practices