DiGiNN offers services in Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity and other advanced digital technologies. All the Cyprus-based services and infrastructure will be made widely available to the European digital ecosystem to experiment and test new products/services, guided by local experts, and also through collaborations with many other EDIHs and DIHs through clusters and/or signed MoUs.

Test Before Invest

Guided or unguided access to fully equipped labs and experimental facilities for testing existing or newly developed technologies, allowing the users to evaluate a specific technology and reach an informed decision regarding whether to invest in its adoption.

Upskilling & Training

A series of courses, seminars and private tutoring to develop a digitally skilled workforce on the respective technologies and increase the efficiency for digital transformation management.

Support to find Investment

A series of services to facilitate SMEs and public bodies acquiring external financing for their digital upgrading.

Innovation Ecosystem & Networking

 A series of actions for building, developing and maintaining an active ecosystem of SMEs & startups around digital technologies.