Test before investing activities help public organizations and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) gain valuable insights about a new product or service, before making significant investments. Through these activities users can test and evaluate their products or services in realistic conditions, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions regarding their investment. DiGiNN will provide access to digital transformation expertise, know-how and services, including testing and experimentation facilities.

Guided or unguided access to our fully equipped labs and experimental facilities for testing existing or newly developed technologies, allowing the users to evaluate a specific technology and reach an informed decision regarding whether to invest in its adoption. Our customers are introduced to a series of assessment tools, starting from the “Digital Maturity Assessment” questionnaire, while our technical, market and financial experts will help each customer evaluate their status and needs, propose suitable solutions, and outline their “digital transformation” path.


Artificial Intelligence Services

Here are some examples of the AI services we offer. You do not have to be able to understand the technical aspects of AI services or to select any of the services yourselves. The DiGiNN team will discuss your needs and help you develop a plan on how to enhance your operations, processes or business through digital transformation and technologies. Once this is done the DiGiNN team will be able to guide you and propose which AI services are suitable for you.

  1. Machine Learning Model Development and Deployment
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services
  3. Computer Vision and Image Recognition Solutions
  4. Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Services
  5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions
  6. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots Development
  7. Deep Learning and Neural Network Solutions
  8. Cognitive Computing and Decision Support Systems
  9. Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Services
  10. Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions
  11. Recommendation Engines and Personalization Services
  12. Speech Recognition and Voice-Enabled Applications
  13. Intelligent Document Processing and Analysis
  14. Automated Content Generation and Optimization
  15. AI Consulting and Strategy Services.

Cyber Security Services

  • Development of cryptography solutions.
  • Consultancy services such as policy guidance on cybersecurity.
  • Digital maturity assessments.
  • Designing business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Access to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

HPC Services


High performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. HPC, or supercomputing, paves the way for new innovations in science, technology, business and manufacturing. Our HPC services portfolio is here to boost value generation for new businesses, get a competitive edge, speed up the time-to-market, gain new customers and collaborate with tech experts:

  • Development of custom HPC applications: solutions to accelerate discovery and innovation by leveraging HPC in various business sectors
  • Remote access to HPC computing and storage resources with expert support (supercomputers, physical and cloud infrastructure) for the development and evaluation of HPC solutions
  • Testing and Experimentation of HPC applications: support for the configuration and deployment of experimentation infrastructure adapted to the your needs
  • HPC Infrastructure Design and Implementation: support in procurement and deployment to build bespoke HPC infrastructure
  • HPC Technologies Demonstrators: use of lab facilities to perform live demonstrations of technologies and opportunities
  • HPC deployment and sharing operation best practices

Research Infrastructure & Testing Facilities

Our test before investing facilities and testing environments allow you to experiment, check and assess with new digital technologies and solutions before deciding to develop them further. You do not have to be able to use these facilities by yourselves. The DiGiNN team will be there to guide and assist you throughout the process. DiGiNN offers the following research infrastructure and testing facilities.