Test before investing activities help public organizations and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) gain valuable insights about a new product or service, before making significant investments. Through these activities users can test and evaluate their products or services in realistic conditions, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions regarding their investment. DiGiNN will provide access to digital transformation expertise, know-how and services, including testing and experimentation facilities.

Research Infrastructure & Testing Facilities

Our test before investing facilities and testing environments allow you to experiment, check and assess with new digital technologies and solutions before deciding to develop them further. You do not have to be able to use these facilities by yourselves. The DiGiNN team will be there to guide and assist you throughout the process. DiGiNN offers the following research infrastructure and testing facilities.

Power Systems research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE​

Power Systems

The KIOS Power Systems research infrastructure provides the opportunity for testing and validating methodologies, tools, and technologies to optimize power systems operation and increase the penetration of renewable energy sources, thus contributing to the reduction greenhouse gas emissions.
Power Systems research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE

Smart Water Systems

The KIOS Smart Water Systems research infrastructure is a small-scale representation of an urban water system that allows users to test and evaluate techniques and tools associated with the efficiency, the reliability, quality, and the security of water supply networks.
Smart Water research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The KIOS Intelligent Transportation Systems research infrastructure consists of a small-scale physical track and a digital replica of a real-life urban transportation network. These allow the testing and evaluation of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies under realistic conditions, as well as monitoring and control methodologies to eliminate and prevent traffic congestion.
Intelligent Transportation Systems research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE

Emergency Response Technologies

The KIOS Emergency Response Technologies are used for emergency response management and for the monitoring and inspection of critical infrastructures or points of public interest using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ drones, sensors and robotics.

Emergency Response Technologies research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE

Virtual Smart City

The KIOS Smart City is a virtual platform which mimics the actual operation of critical infrastructure systems within an urban environment. It can be used by policy makers, critical infrastructure operators and urban planners as a decision-support tool for assessing the security and efficiency of a city.

Virtual Smart City research infrastructure © 2023 KIOS CoE